Trade Information for Shiny Serperior (Trade #124938)
Trade Details
Ended: 11:11 PM 6 Mar 2018 Trader: (2 | 100%)
Trade Generation: 7th Location: Unova
Offers: 0
My Pokemon (Basic Info)
Image for #497 - Serperior
Pokemon: #497 - Serperior Level: 100 Gender: Female
This is a Shiny Pokemon
What I'm Looking For
Image for #803 - Poipole
Pokemon: #803 - Poipole Level: Any Gender: N/A
This is a Shiny Pokemon
My Pokemon (Advanced Info)
Misc Information
Ability: Contrary
Other Information Just Looking For A Shiny Poipole Before I Start SRing For One. If Somebody Wants To Trade One, There's Really No Point. Anyways, I Also Have Other Shinies, Like Yanmega, Primarina, Abomasnow, And Heliolisk. I Just Thought This Would Be The Best Trade. Also, This Serperior Is Named princess.