Trade Information for Shiny Golurk (Trade #125315)
Trade Details
Ended: 10:46 PM 18 Apr 2019 Trader: (29 | 100%)
Trade Generation: 7th Location: Canada
Offers: 0
My Pokemon (Basic Info)
Image for #623 - Golurk
Pokemon: #623 - Golurk Level: 44 Gender: N/A
This is a Shiny Pokemon
What I'm Looking For
Any Pokemon
Pokemon: Any Level: Any Gender: Any
My Pokemon (Advanced Info)
Move Set
#1: Focus Punch
#2: Phantom For
#3: Thief
#4: Dynamic Punc
Misc Information
Nature: Jolly
O/T: Mjchang
Trainer ID #: 51535
Ability: No Guard
Stats of the Pokemon
  HP Attack Defense Sp. Attack Sp. Defense Speed
Stats 17315589608973
Other Information This Golurk is German and carries it's name Golgantes very well (means Golem and gigante: Italian for giant)
it has caught many apposing teams off guard (or as it's ability No Guard!) back in the day.

Looking to get back into the competitive side of things, and hopefully find something new to try out, or getting the choice items again!

Choice Band
Choice Specs
and Choice Scarf.

thanks in advance! or 3DS