Wishlist Information for Vivillon (Item #125221)
Wanted Pokemon
Image for #666 - Vivillon
Pokemon: #666 - Vivillon Level: Any Gender: Any
Trader Information
Trader: (1 | 100%)
Ended: 9:43 PM 30 Oct 2018
Trade Generation: 7th
Offers: 0
Other Information Greetings, I'm looking for a Pokeball patterned Vivillon, I have multiple pokemon in cherish ball.

Lv. 100 Shiny Silvally with a hasty nature
Lv. 64 Shiny Tapu Koko with a timid nature
Lv. 100 Victini with a modest nature
Lv. 100 Celebi with a gentle nature
Lv. 100 Jirachi with a sassy nature
Lv. 100 Genesect with a lonely nature
Lv. 50 Hoopa with a quiet nature
Lv. 13 Unova Cap Pikachu with a hardy nature
Lv. 57 Marshadow with a quiet nature