Wishlist Information for Melmetal (Item #125717)
Wanted Pokemon
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Pokemon: #809 - Melmetal Level: Any Gender: N/A
Trader Information
Trader: (N/A)
Ends: 6d 4h (10:46 PM 11 Jun 2020)
Trade Generation: 7th
Offers: 0
Other Information Will be trading from Pokemon Home mobile app.

Need Melmetal to complete Pokemon Home Pokedex. Can and will trade the Pokemon back to you once registered. My husband also needs to register Melmetal; I can trade to him and he can trade it back to you, or you can trade directly to him as well. He can and will trade the Pokemon back to you.

If you need help completing your Pokedex as well, we can assist in that endeavor--depending on the request. We for sure do not have a Zeraora, however.