Trade Information for Manaphy (Trade #125886)
Trade Details
Ended: 7:12 AM 12 Aug 2020 Trader: (2 | 100%)
Trade Generation: 6th
Offers: 2
My Pokemon (Basic Info)
Image for #490 - Manaphy
Pokemon: #490 - Manaphy Level: 1 Gender: N/A
What I'm Looking For
Any Pokemon
Pokemon: Any Level: Any Gender: Any
My Pokemon (Advanced Info)
Move Set
#1: Tail Glow
#2: Bubble
#3: Water Sport
#4: N/A
Misc Information
Nature: Docile
Ability: Hydration
Other Information Legal Pokemon Ranger hatched Manaphy currently sitting in Pokebank. Can transfer to Gen 6 onwards. Looking for Solgaleo, Lunala, Necrozma, Marshadow, Zeraora, Pokeball caught Melmetal or any other offers you want.Can transfer through Pokemon Home and Gen 7 games. DM for details.