Wishlist Information for Shiny Floette (Item #125125)
Wanted Pokemon
Image for #670 - Floette
Pokemon: #670 - Floette Level: 1 Gender: Female
This is a Shiny Pokemon
Trader Information
Trader: (5 | 100%)
Location: Norway
Ended: 11:00 AM 17 May 2018
Trade Generation: 7th
Offers: 0
Other Information What I am hoping for is a level 1 Eternal Flower Floette, Shiny. It's a hack straight away, but I want one so bad, I am willing to trade a legit event legendary pokemon for it
I want the moves to include it's special, Light of Ruin, other than that is no biggie , Nature Serious
What I have is:
-Mew, Bold nature, lv 100, OT GF, ID 02016
-Celebi, Timid nature, lv 100, OT GF, ID 03016
-Darkrai, Lonely nature, lv 50, OT Feb2015, ID 02135
-Hoopa, Rash nature, lv 50, OT Harry, ID 10235
-Shaymin, Impish nature, lv 52, OT Movie11, ID 04019