Trade Information for Manaphy (Trade #126096)
Trade Details
Ended: 12:49 AM 19 Jan 2022 Trader: (N/A)
Trade Generation: 8th
Offers: 0
My Pokemon (Basic Info)
Image for #490 - Manaphy
Pokemon: #490 - Manaphy Level: 35 Gender: N/A
What I'm Looking For
Image for #492 - Shaymin
Pokemon: #492 - Shaymin Level: Any Gender: N/A
My Pokemon (Advanced Info)
Move Set
#1: tail glow
#2: water gun
#3: charm
#4: supersonic
Misc Information
Nature: Quirky
O/T: jammyviper
Trainer ID #: 369942
Ability: hydration
Stats of the Pokemon
  HP Attack Defense Sp. Attack Sp. Defense Speed
Stats 1217886868785
Other Information looking for this for bdsp