Wishlist Information for Litwick (Item #125464)
Wanted Pokemon
Image for #607 - Litwick
Pokemon: #607 - Litwick Level: Any Gender: Any
Trader Information
Trader: (N/A)
Ended: 2:40 AM 23 Feb 2020
Trade Generation: 6th
Offers: 0
Other Information I don't really have a preference as long as I get a Litwick, though if a PokeGenner decides they want to help me out I would prefer a shiny one with a timid or modest nature and perfect IVs (though since he uses special attack I don't care what the regular attack IV is......)

As I said though, doesn't really matter whether or not it is genned and if it is not then I just want the Litwick without all the additional fancy stuffs.

I have a Gible to trade with perfect IVs in all except SpAtk if you are interested in that, otherwise I can try and sort something out