Wishlist Information for Genesect (Item #125875)
Wanted Pokemon
Image for #649 - Genesect
Pokemon: #649 - Genesect Level: 15 - 100 Gender: N/A
Trader Information
Trader: (N/A)
Location: Canada
Ends: 20d 16h (12:29 AM 13 Oct 2020)
Trade Generation: 6th
Offers: 0
Other Information I can give you Darkrai, Victini, Magearna, Mewtwo, Cresselia, *Shiny Goodra, *Shiny Metagross, *Shiny Aipom, or any other non-legendary or mythical Pokemon.

I can trade from gens 6 and 7.

*The shiny Metagross and Goodra might be hacked, and the shiny Aipom I'm 99% sure is hacked. The rest of the Pokemon I caught myself (or got from events)