Trade Information for Shiny Wailord (Trade #126071)
Trade Details
Ended: 4:41 PM 8 Dec 2021 Trader: (N/A)
Trade Generation: 8th
Offers: 0
My Pokemon (Basic Info)
Image for #321 - Wailord
Pokemon: #321 - Wailord Level: 50 Gender: Male
This is a Shiny Pokemon
What I'm Looking For
Image for #809 - Melmetal
Pokemon: #809 - Melmetal Level: Any Gender: N/A
This is a Shiny Pokemon
My Pokemon (Advanced Info)
Move Set
#1: Hydro Pump
#2: Body Slam
#3: Bounce
#4: Amnesia
Misc Information
Nature: Modest
O/T: Masuru
Trainer ID #: 130630
Ability: Oblivious
Stats of the Pokemon
  HP Attack Defense Sp. Attack Sp. Defense Speed
Stats 24590651215180
Other Information Shiny Melmetal needs to be legit from Pokemon GO
The Shiny Wailord is an English one.