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Pokemon: #821 - Rookidee Level: 1 - 10 Gender: Any
This is a Shiny Pokemon
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Trader: (N/A)
Ends: 6h 25m (5:09 AM 25 Jun 2021)
Trade Generation: 8th
Offers: 0
Other Information I have a level 90 shiny Alakazam, a level 68ish shiny Magmortar, and a number of non-shiny legendaries I got from the dynamax adventures. I have a full set of Regis as well I'd be willing to give up.

I promised my wife I'd farm her a second shiny Rookidee- I farmed my own in a small amount of time (relatively- about 12 hours). I'm on hour 27 of trying to farm out a second one- tired of eggs and even more tired of route 1.